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Ackoff's F/laws The Cake

Ackoff's F/laws The Cake

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This is the first full collection of all 122 of Russell Ackoff's f/laws - previously only available in two separate books from Triarchy Press (Management f-Laws and Systems Thinking for Curious Managers.) Each f/law in this full collection is accompanied by Ackoff's own witty and acerbic explanatory text and (in the printed edition) by his original drawings and cartoons. The collection reverts to Ackoff's original typescript without any commentary or other introduction. As Ackoff himself says: "Over time I have become aware of some very important truths about the practice of management. These truths, which I call the 'F/laws of Management,' contradict assumptions that are commonly held by managers. These simple management truths are much more important than the fundamental, but complex, truths revealed by scientists, economists, politicians, or philosophers. The truths these wise thinkers reveal are at most frosting on the cake. The truths presented here are the cake." This definitive collection distils Ackoff's wisdom and a lifetime of experience about management, leadership, innovation, teamwork and organizations. It should be required reading for anyone who works in an organization.