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Good leaders know where they want to go and more important, they know how they are going to get there.This is a skill that first has to be learned and then fine-tuned through education, training and experience. Once acquired, however, these skills can take you to the top of your chosen profession. They allow you to become team leaders and senior managers. They get you noticed and singled out for fast track promotion. In today's tough and competitive workplace environment with take-overs, restructuring and redundancies these are skills that are absolutely necessary if you want not only to survive but to get ahead. Over the next five years, federal agencies will face a record number of senior managers retiring providing promotional opportunities for tens of thousands of aspiring government employees. This handbook details the steps you need to take to become a good leader. It is designed to give you the skills and resources you need to understand the principles of good leadership and management, and how to constantly strive to better yourself and encourage others to follow your example. Some men and women are born leaders, but others can learn how to become great leaders. This handbook will show you how. The book offers a five-step process that covers everything you need to know from strategic thinking and getting organized to setting expectations, meeting goals and communicating effectively. Being a good leader is not just about making the right decisions. It involves appearance, behavior and how you are perceived by others. All these important elements are discussed in detail. Other sections cover effective listening, verbal and writing skills, body language and guidelines for public speaking. If you are a newly-appointed manager or aspire to be one this handbook will provide the tools you need to become polished, prepared and stand out promotion candidates. This book is an invaluable resource to all emerging managers and leaders as they prepare for their moves up.