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Summer School: Leadership Lessons from the Lady Titans

Summer School: Leadership Lessons from the Lady Titans

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Leadership. Team. Friendship. Drive. Success. These are some of the lessons the young women of the Lady Titans taught Gary Brown over the time he was privileged to serve as their summer basketball coach. This book is about leadership, team building and what it takes for a group of individuals to come together and become more than just a team. Brown shares stories about the experiences of the players on the team that will inspire you and lead you to discover ways you can become more effective at work, in the community and at home. You will also experience first hand the deep loyalty the players have for each other and the powerful impact they have left on others along the way. Through these experiences you will discover that old fashion virtues like hard work, reliability and stepping up still matter in life and work. Want to know what it will take to become a winner? Let the lady Titans be your teacher.