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Not So Common Sense Guide for Authors

Not So Common Sense Guide for Authors

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So you've written a book, now what? Now it's time to get it ready for publishing and for the world to see. In The Not So Common Sense Guide for Authors, bestselling author and publishing insider O. Keeys gives the aspiring author and the season veteran a behind the scenes view into world of publishing. Between these pages authors will find ways to avoid rejection from publishers, common editing mistakes, what self-published authors should know, how to make your book stand out, garnering sales, and much more. Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Publishing Liaison, and Motivational Speaker are just a few of the makings of O. Keeys. After serving two terms in the military Omegia went on to apply her strategic planning to the publishing industry. In between book touring O. Keeys spends her time dedicated to helping her fellow authors. She has over twenty years in the publishing industry and has nine published books. O. Keeys currently resides in the Atlanta area.