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The Lexington Automobile: A Complete History

The Lexington Automobile: A Complete History

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Lexington, a smaller marque that twice won the famous hill climb at Pikes Peak, produced its first car in 1909 in its namesake city of Lexington, Kentucky. The manufacturer's story is fascinating. (Lexington, for example, was a leader in the use of color in magazine advertising and factory literature, and the company used advertisements to support contemporary issues like women's suffrage.) Lexington relocated to Connersville, Indiana, in 1910, with promised municipal perks such as advanced facilities, free water, and no local taxes for five years. From incorporation to insolvency in 1926, this is the first book to offer the complete story of the Lexington Motor Company as well as the related Howard and Ansted cars: from choice of property, factory design and name selection, through relocation, World War I, auto racing ventures, and a 1927 takeover by Auburn. Detailed automotive specifications and options are given, along with information on surviving Lexingtons. More than 250 photographs depict the communities, cars and people associated with the Lexington.