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The Elgar Companion to the Chicago School of Economics (Elgar Original Reference)

The Elgar Companion to the Chicago School of Economics (Elgar Original Reference)

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Many know the Chicago School of Economics and its association with Milton Friedman, George Stigler, Ronald Coase and Gary Becker. But few know the School's history and the full scope of its scholarship. In this companion, leading scholars examine its history and key figures, as well as provide surveys of the School's contributions to central aspects of economics, including: price theory, monetary theory, labor and economic history. The volume examines the School's traditions of applied welfare theory and law and economics while providing a glimpse into emerging research on Chicago's role in the development of neoliberalism.A companion in the true sense of the word, this volume surveys a wide body of Chicago economic studies and guides readers carefully through each. The Companion offers biographies of leading Chicago economists and evaluations of the School's connection to approaches to economics that draw from and complement the School, including the Virginia School and the work of Armen Alchian and Edward Lazear. Moreover, this book is a first in many respects as it analyzes the interconnections of the Chicago School's theory, methodology, and policy, and considers by what means and ideas the School's policy framework is drivenThe breadth and depth of the insights presented here will appeal especially to students and scholars of economics and historians interested in economics, social science and applied public policy.Contributors: O. Ashenfelter, H.S. Banzhaf, W.J. Barber, D.K. Benjamin, J.E. Biddle, G.L. Brady, G.G. Cain, R.B. Emmett, E. Forget, M. Gunderson, J.D. Hammond, D.W. Hands, S.D. Kasper, B.E. Kaufman, D. Laidler, H. Li, S.G. Medema, P. Mirowski, D. Mitch, E. Nik-Khah, J. Pencavel, H. Rockoff, M. Rutherford, E. Schliesser, P.N. Teixeira, R. Van Horn, S.T. Ziliak