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The Hands-Off Manager: How to Mentor People and Allow Them to Be Successful

The Hands-Off Manager: How to Mentor People and Allow Them to Be Successful

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"The 'bible' for employee empowerment."--Rebecca Clement, Soundview Executive Book Summaries"The Hands-Off Manager is a liberating read that will cause you to act in your own best interests and the best interests of everyone working within your sphere of influence."--John Hoover, New York Times best-selling author of How to Work for an Idiot"Hands-off managers allow what is possible to emerge while pushing away those mindsets that only bring limitations."--HR.com"Steve Chandler and Duane Black present an approach to management that promises to lower your stress level, increase your happiness and allow everyone in your organization to be more creative and productive."--Rolf Dobelli, getAbstract.comThe number one reason cited in exit interviews for an employee quitting is "my manager." Most managers and executives not only aren't aware of this obvious problem, but probably wouldn't know what to do about it if they did.Today's employees do not respond to the old hands-on, militaristic management styles. They are highly independent, individual professionals with their own fully developed ideas. Leaders and managers who try to micro-manage them will inevitably confront wide-spread disgruntlement, absenteeism, and turnover...and increase their own and their employees' stress levels.In The Hands-Off Manager, Chandler and Black offer a new vision for all managers. With stories, examples, and vibrant activities for the reader to practice, this book shows any manager--new or seasoned--how to coach and mentor employees rather than hover over their shoulders and goad them into action. In this system, each employee's strengths are honored and honed in a climate of partnership and mutual goal-setting.