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Social Security Explained 2012

Social Security Explained 2012

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The 2012 edition of Social Security Explained succinctly provides a succinct, comprehensive, and detailed explanation of the federal old-age, survivor's and disability insurance programs under the Social Security Act. The book explains who is covered by the Social Security system, liability for the tax, how a worker acquires "insured status" required for benefit eligibility and the conditions of entitlement to the various kinds of Social Security benefits. Throughout the text, statements are documented by citations to the law, regulations and administrative rulings. The 2012 edition includes the latest earnings base for Social Security tax and Medicare portion of the tax, as well as the annual earnings or retirement test amount. The book also includes the formula for the calculation of the maximum total amounts a family can receive in 2012 and prior years. Documentation of statements is provided throughout the text by citing the law, regulation, and Social Security administration manuals wherever possible. Many aspects of the Social Security program are subject to automatic change annually and are reflected throughout this updated edition.