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The Best Trading System: How to Make Big Stock Market Returns in the Long Run as a Trader or Investor

The Best Trading System: How to Make Big Stock Market Returns in the Long Run as a Trader or Investor

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So you've read dozens and dozens of well-known trading and investment books out there and you're still not as profitable as you would like to be. Well then, let this be your book of last resort. Perhaps this is the last piece of the puzzle that you're missing. Whether you're a beginning investor or trader, or someone who has years of market experience, this concise and effective investing guide offers valuable insights on how to approach a market that is vastly different than a few decades ago.Here is a short list of what traders and investors say:- "Even though I have maintained a very conservative approach I am still up 18% in three months."- "I want to thank you for showing me a successful way to trade as well as developing the discipline to execute it."- "I have made many trades with a gain of $42,471. That is a 42.9% increase in account value."- "Genius. I received your manual today and my first impression was there is nothing in here - before I opened it. I started reading it and was struck by how much sense it makes."Here are a few things you will learn from this book:- How to invest or trade stocks for a living, without penny stocks, options or futures, even if you have a small account.- The biggest mistakes people make and why they have mediocre returns.- How you can emulate Warren Buffett's long term 23% annualized returns, via an alternative approach.- Why the law of compounding must be adhered to at all times or you will fail.- Why money management is more important than stock picking and how you can make the two work for you.- Why traditional stock trading is so difficult and how to make it easier. - Learn why this system is timeless and why everybody will trade and invest this way in the future.- Why futures and options trading, special stock picking skills, and owning penny stocks will be a thing of the past. There is another way to make 6,400% return in one year, if you're very good and very lucky.- Whether you're an aspiring Buffettologist, spyders trader, gold index trader, long/short hedge fund manager, or just want to manage your stocks, this book offers valuable insights that can help you unlock the door to Investing 2.0.