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Mornings with Jenkins: The Tale of A Successful Leader

Mornings with Jenkins: The Tale of A Successful Leader

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Mornings with Jenkins was written for every person who lives or works with another person. If you are looking to increase your influence, be more confident in confrontational situations and create more success you must read Mornings with Jenkins, the Tale of a Successful Leader. This is the tale of a frustrated, tired entrepreneur who learns how effective leadership can quickly, effectively and confidently create an organization where people willingly put the needs of the organization before their personal goals. You will learn : What, When , How to communicate, and lead people to greater depths of ability through your vision. The book relates the experiences of a small pharmaceutical manufacturing entrepreneur with a management team comprised of highly trained, intelligent people who could assess scientific data and solve the most complicated chemical equation. But were totally lost when it came to people problems.This book applies to the CEO, department manager, committee chair or Cub Scout leader, anyone whose success is dependent on the ability to communicate quickly, confidently and effectively. This book focuses on what, how and when to communicate so that corrective action is taken quickly and confidently before negative performance impacts the bottom line. It provides practical tools, removes ambiguous emotion and proves that leadership can be learned. In fact, it’s so simple a rabbit will show you how