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IT Investments and organizational performance of the Telecoms Industry

IT Investments and organizational performance of the Telecoms Industry

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This study looked at the IT investments and organizational performance of the Mobile Telecoms Operators in Ghana from 2000 to 2006. Mobile subscriber base in Ghana grew from 215928 to 4966797, or approximately by 2300.21% from 2001 to 2006 (calculated from data taken from Ghanaa??s National Communications Authority website www.nca.org.gh). This represents huge IT investments made over the years. As to whether this investment resulted in the performance of these companies or not is what this study tried to unravel. The study came out with a diagrammatical model to explain the dynamics of IT investments covering from the factors that necessitates IT investments to the performance of these investments. This piece of work is purposely meant for all managers, IT professionals, and engineers who take decisions in organizations, government institutions, as well as educational institutions pertaining to Information Technology investments. It will help them make informed decisions, and also to maximize the performance of IT investments once they are made. It deals with how to maximize performance of IT investments in a typical organizational setting.