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Speaking Up:Surviving Executive Presentations

Speaking Up:Surviving Executive Presentations

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Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations If you are in middle management, you live with daily ambiguity, lack of control, and even chaos. To get anything done, you must present your ideas to people up the chain, and those presentations can be brutal. Careers and projects can come unwound in a matter of minutes if a presenter at the top level doesn t know the rules. So, what are the rules? That is what this book is all about. The good news is, the rules are simple and easy to learn: 1) know the people; 2) get to the point; and 3) improvise. Unfortunately a staggeringly high number of mid-level people (67%, actually) march right into top-level meetings and shoot themselves in the foot by: 1) not saying what they want at the beginning; 2) having too many PowerPoint slides; and 3) rigidly sticking to their scripts. This is a formula for career suicide. The rules that are outlined by C-level executives in this book will help you survive and even thrive in the most challenging of all presentation environments, the C-suite.