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"Get The Reviewers' BUZZ Before You Buy"

"Get The Reviewers' BUZZ Before You Buy"

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Electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) is an important aspect in the online buying space, especially online reviews. Online reviews are experiences, evaluations and opinions of companies, products, or services. Often, reviews are the only or predominant source of decision-making aid used by consumers. Companies realise that these reviews may have an enormous influence on consumera??s purchase behaviour. The most important factor which emerges from the literature study is trust. For consumer reviews to be effective as decision-making aids, the consumer must trust the reviewer. Hence, the CITPI-model (conceptual model of the effects of reviewera??s Characteristics and Involvement on Trust and Purchase Intention) is developed. The results of the experiment show that when demographic- or lifestyle homophily is present, consumers find the reviewer (more) trustworthy which in turn has a positive effect on purchase intention. Managers of e-commerce sites, e-marketers and web designers can use these findings to realise the formation of trust within their own consumers. When trust is realised, this will attract more users and will result in a higher purchase intention.