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Inner city progress initiative

Inner city progress initiative

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The Inner City Progress Initiative© (ICPI) is a comprehensive plan that is designed to help Inner City Residents achieve social and economic progress. ICPI’s mission is to assist inner city residents in making their communities and neighborhoods tranquil. ICPI’S mission will be accomplished through the implementation of three dedicated programs: Come Home to Family (CHTF), Impact Youth (IPY) and Urban Economic Network UEN. ICPI’S Come Home To Family program is likened to a mixing bowl. The CHURCH is the bowl that provides a table, chairs, mentors and props with which CHTF Volunteers conduct Encounter Sessions between men (clients, mostly single and in need) and women (volunteers, mostly successful and single). ICPI partners are individuals, businesses, churches, educators, local, State and Federal government agencies as well as other institutions that contribute to the program. Community partners support the program by providing resources, funding and mentors. Mentors are drawn from Pastors and church members, retired individuals, entertainers, sports figures, government workers, corporate and educational employees as well as every phase of life. The partners pour academics, jobs, vocational training, GED programs, donations, social advice, abuse counseling, transportation and business assistance into the bowl.