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Securities Compliance Index, Second Edition: A Topical Guide To U.S. Securities Regulation

Securities Compliance Index, Second Edition: A Topical Guide To U.S. Securities Regulation

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To a person of faith, the Church is the body of Christ created to extend God's love and grace here on earth. What can seekers and believers do when life inside the Church habitually drives them to seek sanctuary in the arms of the world instead? Countless people have experienced burnout and been subject to guilt trips and methods of manipulation in the name of ministry while their relationship with God suffers the consequences. What can you do when you become disenchanted with God's people? How can the Church win back the countless souls who have walked away in a desperate act of self-preservation? Is there a way to restore hope to your faith? Believers, seekers, pastors, leaders, the burned-out and the passionate are all invited to join the discussion. If you have not suffered the soul-crushing blows to your faith that can happen within the Church then chances are you know someone who has. It is a life-altering experience with eternal consequences. Together we can learn to recognize the pitfalls that subtly creep into our congregations enabling us to intervene BEFORE it%u2019s too late. Those who have already left the Church will see that all is not lost when their hope is in Jesus Christ. As the disenchanted endeavor to rebuild their faith, God will reveal a path to restoration and reconciliation. Inside this book you will find, among other things, topics like: - Personal, real-life stories about faith changing experiences - Insight about the descent into the cycle of burnout - Exposure of common pitfalls within the Church such as guilt trips and manipulation tactics - Biblical and practical steps the Church can take to help stem the tide of believers leaving the church over neglect, abuse, and offense - Realistic suggestions for the disenchanted believer for moving forward in healing and restoration - How the Church can recapture the hearts of the disenchanted