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The Wisdom of Solomon: A System to Guide Your Personal Investing

The Wisdom of Solomon: A System to Guide Your Personal Investing

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Burke F. McMahon, age 53, with a platinum degree from Harvard and world-class work experience, suddenly finds himself downsized. Shaking badly, he boards the commuter train toward his suburban "McMansion"--deserted by a wife of 25 years and lying $250,000 underwater on its mortgage. To carry the monthly payments, Burkea??s been draining retirement accounts and losing ground in stock-trading, futilely trying to stabilize his life. And, unavoidably, his thoughts turn to suicide, the "final exit" already chosen by two college classmates. Then, in the club car, Burke meets Lenny, who bizarrely reminds him of Yoda from STAR WARS, although the humble, homespun robe has morphed into a tailored, Brooks Brothers herringbone. As Burke relates his tale of financial woe, their locomotive becomes stuck behind a collision on its tracks. Lenny says, "Okay, leta??s use this time to talk some about investing." He begins explaining THE SYSTEM, and Burke soon learns more about how to make money than he ever did in either classrooms or offices. So, please join these two new friends as "ITa??S A WONDERFUL LIFE" intersects "MY DINNER WITH ANDRE." You wona??t be disappointed. "Lenny Solomon is a gifted investor who generously is willing to share his understanding of the financial markets in a wonderfully entertaining style." --Scott B. Ramo, J.D., C.F.P.