Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques

Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques

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"As a trader and an author for over fourteen years in stocks, futures, and options, it still amazes me when I read a book that teaches me new approaches to the market. This book is one of these amazing books that can teach the novice or the professional something important to take them to the next level of their trading. It is a must read for everyone interested in looking at the markets in a new way."
–George Fontanills, President Emeritus, Optionetics

"Bill and Justine Williams, two of the truly great teachers of market action, have written an outstanding book. It not only covers the psychology of personal trading but provides one with a well defined, coherent trading plan. This book is must reading for any serious trader, whether a beginner or experienced veteran."
–John R. Hill, President, Futures Truth Company

"What Bill Williams does best is raise questions and doubts in the minds of his readers. But, even better, he then provides wonderful new choices for thinking and acting. He has a deft lightness in his writing and a seriousness of purpose that drew me in like a magnet."
–Rodney Napier, PhD, head of The Napier Group
coauthor, The Courage to Act and Groups: Theory & Experience (now in its seventh edition)

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