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Business Between the Lines: The Side of Owning a Business You Won't Find In a Textbook

Business Between the Lines: The Side of Owning a Business You Won't Find In a Textbook

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Business Between the Lines discusses the side of owning a business that cannot be learned by picking up a textbook or attending a University. Emotions like anxiousness, fear, failure, uncertainty, and loneliness are familiar notions for many entrepreneurs. By using personal experience and a background in owning small businesses, this book addresses effective ways to deal with these feelings that are common for business owners to be plagued by. In an honest, humorous, and exciting manner, each chapter highlights a key, take-home lesson for the reader. These lessons use personal experience, industry examples, and creative metaphors to showcase ideas that are helpful for those experiencing the hardships common to running a small business. Each chapter is concise and memorable, ensuring that readers walk away feeling like they have learned real, applicable lessons. Playing off of an idea mentioned in the Introduction, "this book discusses, in a brutally honest way, the side of business that cannot be found in a textbook. A side that can be exhilarating, intimidating, devastating, and thrilling. All before the morning cup of coffee." For those who have created small businesses, the first few years are very difficult. As I grew my small business, I learned invaluable lessons that helped me, and will assist readers in getting through the inevitable hardships that come with owning a small business. The lessons discussed through this book will be helpful for entrepreneurs as they build their companies founded on hard-work and dedication, not on supposed dot-com or investment secrets.