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From Egopreneur to Ultrapreneur

From Egopreneur to Ultrapreneur

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During the boom years at the end of the 20th Century, 65 percent of entrepreneurial businesses failed within their first five years. They're considered the backbone of the American economy. We live in a great country; as long as it's legal, you can start whatever kind of business you want here almost immediately. But the numbers don't lie: Most of them fail. What's not apparent to most people is why. Do certain people have the magic touch, or do they know something the rest of us don't? This doesn't seem to be the case. For every example of what ti takes to be successful, it seems that you can find the contrary. People that have incredible educations seem to fail just as often as those that don't. Some people get rich from selling something that doesn't even seem sellable. When Starbucks started it's business, the number of coffee drinkers was down while the price of coffee was going up. In most U.S. cities today, you only need to drive a few blocks before finding a Starbucks. And despite the jokes about the company's seven-dollar cup of coffee, customers keep coming. There are hundreds of books on how to be successful, lots of them specifically for the entrepreneurial business owner. So, why do so many fail? Do the business owners not read these books? Do they just not understand what the author is trying to tell them? Are entrepreneurs just stupid? We know this isn't true simply by looking at examples like Google and Youtube. Not only did the entrepreneurs behind these ventures succeed, but they came up with products so effective that they positively impact the way most of us conduct our day-to-day lives. How did the creative minds that started these businesses succeed so wildly while most others-many of whom are equally talented-fail so miserably? There are seminars galore on how to be successful. There are many people that are willing to coach you to success. It these work, why are the statistics so bad? This book is about how I came up with the answers for myself. I am a successful entrepreneur. I have owned one of my businesses for 25 years, and several years ago I started a second business, soon followed by a third business. I love what I do all day long and mu businesses continue to grow every year. I found the secret to my success. And you can too!