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Realistic Home Businesses: Make Money Now With Your Own Home Business (Volume 1)

Realistic Home Businesses: Make Money Now With Your Own Home Business (Volume 1)

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a??Imagine Your Own Home Businessa?? Did you know that more than half of all U.S. businesses are either based out of or started in a home? Many entrepreneurs started multimillion-dollar businesses in their garage or on a kitchen table. This book is written for all of you who want to know where to begin in your quest for starting your own business. The hardest part is getting started. This book will guide you through the steps, for not only finding your niche, but tips for becoming self-employed. Each business listed may have numerous specialties to choose from or there will be enough information to come up with a new idea of your own. Most of these businesses can be started with a very small investment working part or full time. You can invest additional funds as your business grows. A broad collection of categories and many different businesses are listed. Specifics are given for each business. There are businesses listed for both those with computer experience to people who have no computer skills. Categories of the many businesses listed in this book: a?? Agency Consultant a?? Telecommuting a?? Home Office a?? Freelance a?? Mobile a?? In the Home a?? Home Workshop/Studio a?? On an Acre or More a?? Selling/Reselling Business specifics: a?? Description of each business a?? Skills needed a?? Equipment needed a?? Average income and how to increase a?? Professional organizations Get started today! For more information on business resources, courses, books, equipment, supplies, and software that you may need for your new business, go to my websites: http://www.pdsloss.com/ or http://www.realistichomebusinesses.com/ I will list new information, new business ideas, and resources so check back there often.