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90 Days To Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon Part Time

90 Days To Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon Part Time

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UPDATED & INCLUDES - The new June 2012 eBay Top Rated Seller requirements - New and liquidation product ideas with specific sources - Collecting ship charges on your eBay listing with "Free Shipping" - Creating your own Amazon listing with no competition from other sellers - Now includes the guide, "The Craigslist Reseller" By following the guidelines in this book you can reach the eBay Top Rated Seller Status & Amazon Featured Merchant status within 90 days and STAY THERE. This book not only discusses proper management of your online business but covers key aspects about building a recognizable brand name. Branding your online image to match a specific product type is THE KEY to long term success. When customers want to buy what you are selling, you can learn how to get them to associate your business with that product. How do other sellers move so much product on eBay and Amazon? Are your competitors products showing up before yours? Can't reach or keep your eBay Top Rated Seller or Amazon Featured Merchant status? Can't understand where to get a steady source of product to resell? This is the book for you. 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon Part Time is about making a long term commitment to building and maintaining your online business and image. It was written by someone with the history and experience to offer this practical information after selling millions of dollars worth of product online since 1998. It is a straight forward no nonsense approach to building and managing your online business. What does this book offer? - How to become a Top Rated Seller on eBay and a Featured Merchant on Amazon - Building your online imaging and branding your name with a specific product type - Product Sourcing covering domestic, international, and surplus sources. - Understanding and dealing with competitors. - Understanding what eBay & Amazon wants from its sellers in terms of your customer service. - & LOTS more ****************************** From the Author I have taken the guess work out of many questions and situations. This book will save you time, money, and get your product exposed to more customers faster than by attempting to reach these levels on your own through trial and error. eBay and Amazon require that you provide the best product and great customer service to reach the top selling levels. This means fine tuning common practices and removing some myths. By correcting small issues with your online business or setting it up right from the start, you can gain more exposure, customers, sales, and respect in the online selling community. You will also begin to understand how even the most minor details can add to to help you achieve your goals or suffocate you from reaching it. If you have any questions about starting your online business or just cannot seem to take that next step for growth, I would encourage you to read my book. Even if you are a seasoned successful online retailer you may come across an few ideas that can help add to your bottom line. Good Luck! Jason Guarino