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Idea Birthing

Idea Birthing

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A brilliant idea can change the world! But what does it really take to bring a great idea to life? What if the answer lies in the most natural process known to womankind a?? the invisible and amazing transformation that occurs with the development and birth of a newborn baby! This is a charming tale of one womana??s journey through the stages of Idea Birthing; guided by the lessons and insights of pregnancy. Her story will illustrate the joys, pains, laughter, and tears of being a birthing vessel. If youa??ve ever tried to hatch an idea youa??ll recognize it immediately. It is a creative guide that provides preparation for the ups (finding the perfect mate, embryonic development) and downs (morning sickness, labor pains) of manifestation. And by revealing what to expect when expecting, it supplies motivation to stay the course; to conceive, develop, carry, nurture, protect and ultimately give birth to a brilliant idea.