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Smart Guide To Starting Your Own Business

Smart Guide To Starting Your Own Business

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Starting and operating your own business is the dream of many people. Some people just go ahead without any plan or guidance and find out that it's not always going to be a success. Smart people use a guide and learn as much as they can before they open their business so their success rate is much higher. They learn from experts who have done it more than once and learned from their setbacks. The Smart Guide for Business Startups will show you how to write your business plan and mission statement and why you need to make a total commitment. You will be able to select one of the 5 business structures and see the pros and cons of each one. Also how to select the correct lawyer, accountant and banker to help make your business a success. You will learn how to find startup capital and that often forgotten backup capital to grow and survive. Why the location of a retail business may or may not matter and to plan for your Grand Opening. Find the best way to decide on a merchant service provider to accept credit cards at the best possible rate. How to decide what your target market is and also your secondary market for future growth. What products and services you will offer and how you will guarantee them and create repeat business. You'll find out how to give outstanding customer service so your business will stand out from competitors. Learn why continual marketing and promotion of your new business is so import6ant and how to keep doing it on a tight budget. When to seek ways of advertising or only use free publicity to promote sales, events and new products. You'll also learn that direct mail still works and how to use it effectively. Those first year problems will pop up but you will see how to avoid them or solve them. Why the owner's attitude is so important and how to handle overwork and burnout. Ways to keep spending from going overboard and leasing instead of buying. Learn things you can do during business slowdowns and what groups to join for business advice and assistance. All the help and ideas to make your new business a success are in this book. You will want to bookmark pages so you can find the information quickly as your business grows. With hard work, your commitment and perseverance success is just around the corner and this book will help you get there.