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Build a Hurricane Business

Build a Hurricane Business

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In Build a Hurricane Business, Michael Kelly directly takes on the two most difficult and seldom addressed questions in business: “How does a business work?” and “Why do you do things?” They are the headwater questions of a business—from them flows the acumen answers. Such acumen answers reveal the beginning knowledge business people need to build a powerful referral business. After retiring from the United States Air Force, Michael joined his wife Rose in the mortgage business with one goal in mind—to build a business model around her talent that would allow her to reach her full potential. But somehow that plan quickly got off track, and instead, he shamelessly took advantage of the situation. As the first year grew to a close, he apologized to Rose before telling her he needed to stop thinking about business and instead start thinking about a business if he was to achieve his goal. She readily agreed and so started an unexpected love story—a journey of thinking and writing that led to discovering the framework of powerful referral business, from beginning to end, while transforming Rose and her business. Such a framework not only reveals the beginning knowledge a mortgage loan officer like Rose requires to build a business, but it can equally do it as well for financial advisors, real estate agents, CPAs, and insurance agents—all of their businesses can be built on the universal framework Michael discovered. It is a framework that will empower business people to become leaders who serves others. Rarely does a business book simultaneously introduce a novel way to learn about a business, share a love story that will emotionally touch readers, tell a business story that business people can personally relate to, all the while taking them on a journey of learning that will show them how to build a business. Build a Hurricane Business does all four and so much more.