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How to Start a Record Label (Volume 1)

How to Start a Record Label (Volume 1)

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The information presented in this book is for those individuals seeking to establish a record label, so that it becomes a successful business venture. Whether the record label that you have aspirations to run is a major label promoter with a parent company owner or an Indie record label with no corporate sponsorship you will find everything you will need to know within the pages of this book. Information such as: learning the practical steps that need to be taken in order to establish a record label, how to develop a business plan to ensure you get your record label business started, a breakdown of the two different types of record label, choosing a genre or specific niche market of music you want to deliver to a target audience, producing your music so that it can be distributed in either physical or digital form or both, how to distribute your music, how to promote your music by utilizing a variety of media platforms. Establishing your own record label can be challenging while simultaneously very interesting and rewarding for anybody that decides that is what they want to do. To overcome that challenge you will need to prepare yourself for all the rules and regulations you will encounter. That is where this book will go a long way in helping you succeed in your quest for your own record label.