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F*Ups: Franchisee Screw-Ups That Can Cost You Thousands

F*Ups: Franchisee Screw-Ups That Can Cost You Thousands

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Despite the promise of proven success offered by attractive franchise models, your real results can, and will, vary wildly. Profits, or losses, will be greatly impacted by your ability to develop extra skills and knowledge outside the training manual. F-UPS, Franchisee Screw-Ups cuts through the happy talk and gets right to the vital skills you must have to succeed in franchising - based on thousands of hours of experience to bring you what works and what doesna??t, in the critical areas of running the business and empowering people. a??Jean Kuhn is a genius; not only because she knows how to very profitably operate a franchise, but because she can help you to duplicate her success. Read this book, learn from a master teacher, and profit greatly in your franchise business." -Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver www.burg.com Inside youa??ll discover the 10 Biggest Mistakes that franchise owners make along with actionable steps to prevent them Herea??s Just Some of What Youa??ll Find: a?? The Critical Mindset Shift That Will Prevent Most Franchise Failures a?? Creating Great Employees vs Finding Good People a?? 3 Keys to Neutralizing Your So-Called Competition a?? The 5 Bombshell Secrets They Wona??t Teach You at Franchise School a?? Franchise Conventions: Waste of Time or Critical Success Opportunties a?? Mining the Gold of Friends With Franchises a?? The One Biggest Regrettable Blunder Nearly Every Franchise Owner Makes Much, Much. More...! a??This book should be a MUST read for anyone thinking about starting a business or anyone who owns a business. Jean Kuhn gives you an incredible insight into the small business world with her great humor and straight forward advice.a?? -Ruth Briggs Former Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Franchisee