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Advice and Cautions for Independent Publishing Authors: The Compiled Publishing-Subject Books of Jim Lowrance

Advice and Cautions for Independent Publishing Authors: The Compiled Publishing-Subject Books of Jim Lowrance

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This book, being approximately 31,692 words in length, is a compilation of titles (sections) I have previously published separately, on the subjects of book/eBook publishing, writing for revenue-sharing content websites and other subjects of interest for independent authors/publishers. This lengthier resource combines these titles, for readers who are interested in these subjects in more expanded detail. SECTION ONE CONTENTS: TITLE: "Are Revenue Sharing Article/Content Publishing Sites Beneficial?" SUBTITLE: "Legitimate Opportunities for Authors" CHAPTERS: CHAPTER ONE My Personal Experience with Revenue Sharing Websites CHAPTER TWO Things to Consider in a Content Revenue Site Contract CHAPTER THREE Getting your own Blog or Website to Generate Revenue CHAPTER FOUR My Plagiarism and Article Re-publishing Observations CHAPTER FIVE Tips on other Types of Publishing and Republishing SECTION TWO CONTENTS: TITLE: "How To Avoid Negative Online Publishing Experiences" SUBTITLE: "Cautiously Marketing Your Intellectual Property" CHAPTERS: CHAPTER ONE Avoiding Fly-By-Night Online Businesses: (A Simple Rule of Thumb) CHAPTER TWO The Better Business Bureau: Not Just a Slap on the Wrist: (Bringing Resolution to Bad Online Business Practices) CHAPTER THREE My Heated Exchange with an Online Beatles Radio Station: (Putting the Blue Meanies in Their Proper Place) CHAPTER FOUR Removing my Blog from a Major Revenue Sharing Website Conglomerate: (The Strange Practices of a High-Profile Content Farm) CHAPTER FIVE A Content Site Who Deleted Contributor Articles with No Warning: (One More for My List of Negative Writing Experiences) SECTION THREE CONTENTS TITLE: "Rants and Raves of an Indie eBook Publisher!" SUBTITLE: "Achieving Success with Digital Books" CHAPTERS: CHAPTER ONE Publish Your eBook Free on Amazon KDP CHAPTER TWO The BooksOnBoard eBook Publishing Platform CHAPTER THREE Mean-Spirited Spam Book and eBook Reviews CHAPTER FOUR Amazon's KDP Select: A Sales Boom for Me! CHAPTER FIVE Is it a Good Thing to Write for Content Websites? CHAPTER SIX My Unusually Negative Experience on a Publishers Help Board CHAPTER SEVEN Content Farms: Authors Beware! CHAPTER EIGHT Why I Write Short Subject Health eBooks/Books SECTION FOUR CONTENTS TITLE: "Corrupt Business Practices in Newspaper Circulation" SUBTITLE: "The Eye-opening Experiences of a Newsboy" CHAPTERS: CHAPTER ONE: Why I became a Newsboy CHAPTER TWO: Collection Time Shenanigans CHAPTER THREE: Tucked Away for a Rainy Day CHAPTER FOUR: How to Increase Newspaper Circulation without even Trying CHAPTER FIVE: Confessions of a Corrupt District Manager CHAPTER SIX: Ghost Routes Galore CONCLUSION