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Enter Dubai: A Practical E-Guide to Dubai

Enter Dubai: A Practical E-Guide to Dubai

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I have done it. My friends have done it. We moved from Eastern Europe to Dubai, UAE in search of a better life. We learned by "trial & error" a?? which were costly in time and money a?? about living and working in Dubai as an expat. Thata??s why a??Enter Dubaia?? came to life: to offer guidance to newcomers who have not been to Dubai and do not know what to expect here. Much of the information on-line about Dubai can be overwhelming, so my e-book is a Pathfinder Service for those interested in knowing about: Accommodation & Transportation Visas & Work Permits Recruitment Companies & Resumes Ex-Pat Community Life And so ona?¦ This is a first step to help yourself. Take a chance and good luck!