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Getting To Scale: Growing Your Business Without Selling Out

Getting To Scale: Growing Your Business Without Selling Out

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Jill Bamburg has taken a question critical to the future of our society and found compelling answers. She has brought them to life with rich, well-researched stories. The question is this: how can mission-driven companies grow to the size needed to make a significant difference without selling out their values? She finds nine critical issues that must be managed well to do so, and documents the secrets of success in managing each of them. This book will help anyone struggling with preserving his or her values as an enterprise grows....After reading this book, entrepreneurs of mission-driven ventures will be able to grow their businesses, taking market share and profitability from businesses that are motivated by profit only. Students will learn that they can build a career that serves their values rather than compromising those values. People dreaming of building mission-driven enterprises will gain courage and insight from ---- Foreword by Gifford Pinchot III