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The Beans and The Dreams: Part One - The Individual (Volume 1)

The Beans and The Dreams: Part One - The Individual (Volume 1)

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Management science has become like theology, dominated by respected gurus and a body of accepted teachings. However, the pressures of a rapidly changing business environment are making managers and leaders more and more aware of the need for a broader scope of ideas to help in decision-making and the encouragement of innovation. Here I have attempted to combine conventional theories of management with concepts and writers outside of the conventional and accepted orthodoxy at the danger of being burned at the management stake for heresy. Yet, the original source of this work on strategic management was inspired by the need to provide students of the subject at bachelor and masters level with a basic script to guide their studies. This was of course accompanied by face-to-face lectures and many discussions and term papers. It is the author's intention to here provide a simple framework that managers and leaders as well as students and teachers of management can use as a basis for provoking thought and intention. It is impossible to learn management purely in theory and only by combining theory with practice can a deep and spontaneous ability to make informed decisions be achieved. As we would wish to include the modern thinking on evidence-based management, many of the activities here include the need for readers to carry out their own research. The use of the bibliography and the links provided to Wikipedia, which exploits the advantages of reading on an eBook reader such as a Kindle , are an additional starting place for the reader who may be wishing to deepen their knowledge and at the same time hold down a demanding job. I do not of course thus recommend these sources as being of the necessary standard for academic work but rather as a means of gaining some quick additional background information. There are four general parts to this presentation of strategic management. In the first we will deal with the individual, starting with the reader themselves, the fundamental ideas and qualities required in a manager and the roles played by individuals in organizations. The discussion continues on the quality of leadership and leadership styles. The second part will concern itself with the issues involved in groups, the forming of teams and the empowerment of individuals in an organization. The third part is about organizations, culture and structure. It will take a look at how organizations are created and developed through the perspective of entrepreneurship. The final section will deal with the management of change in organizations and strategies from the viewpoint that organizations are playing an increasing role in the formation of society. It is important to note at this point that we have an additional aim in presenting this material: Many readers will be non-native speakers and it is hoped that you will gain some additional practice in working with texts in English. For that reason you may expect the inclusion of some radical and unusual ideas that stretch beyond the bounds of day-to-day management and should present a framework for discussion. A number of activities are provided which should be carried out when time permits. This should help in a deepening of understanding and aims to provoke a critical engagement with the subject material. It is the conviction and experience of the author that if you aspire to the highest in mankind, you will also achieve the greatest success for your organization a?? thus the title of this book a?? the a?Beans and the Dreamsa??. Go out and fulfill your dreams!