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The Survivor's Manifesto: Take Back the Planet

The Survivor's Manifesto: Take Back the Planet

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You can be a part of the Planet Occupiera?? movement. Join us and help Take Back the Planeta?? Today there are many different groups of people, from various countries, all demonstrating their dissatisfaction with either their respective government or the income inequality in their economy. It is unfortunate but all of these societal problems will only be exacerbated by the more ominous and pernicious global problems of peak oil, climate change and resource depletion. a??These problems are all interconnected and all must be addressed at the same time,a?? Chapter 1, Page 4. Humanity is facing global problems and we need a global response. The Survivora??s Manifesto explains how the PLANET OCCUPIERa?? movement can TAKE BACK THE PLANETa?? and, in so doing, help to put our country, our civilization and our individual lives back on a path to a more prosperous and sustainable future. But we must act now.