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The Money Making Social Media Network: How to Build a Social Media Network that makes Money (Volume 1)

The Money Making Social Media Network: How to Build a Social Media Network that makes Money (Volume 1)

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a??The Money Making Social Media Networka?? is a friendly book, written in plain language, with thought provoking ideas, with the for the entrepreneur, business person, software designer, programmer and anyone with an interest in the subject. Is a guide on how to build a social media network system, drawing data from a proprietary (yours) database, built by your clients. It explains how to set up the deferent databases that make it all work, and how to deal with problems such as legality across different jurisdictions with a simple Matrix system, that acts as a switch to the information you parse out to your users, enabling and disabling information to manage compliance with different legal jurisdictions, market preferences, and or hierarchical functional structures, such as sales, management accounting, internal and external users, etc. In addition, there is a business plan that guides you on how to value your newly built system, so that you can approach venture capitalists and raise money to finance it. The book has lots of data describing certain potential markets and providing market penetration projections, where you will have a high probability of success. You will also find, several ideas on how to derive revenue from the interaction of your social media network captive audience (just like face book does, but I think even better). Lastly, the book includes samples of written agreements to make it all work, that tie in your social base into participating in your social media network, thus, feeding the network organically as it grows. Moreover, a design is included to make your social media network, localized (meaning addressing the various audiences in a regionalized format, including language, measurements, and currency) that is extremely important if you want to grow your social media network into a global, international platform. This book contains information that is extremely timely, since the adoption of social media networks is something that has been established already, and now, we are starting STAGE-TWO, the time is right for the birth of the second wave of social media networks, of the collaborative and specialized kind. The price of this book is miniscule, in relation to the potential rewards that can be derived from it. Think about it, cloud systems are true exponential money machines, where the cost of a new subscriber is almost ZERO (a user) and your revenue potential is truly exponential. Act now, read this book, and assimilate the concepts in it, this field is ready to explode again. The winner will be the first one to deliver the new specialized application, in a "first movers advantage market", but where there will be room for specialized networks to truly own their space of activity. The concepts advances in the book are: Static database structure, with dynamic information parsing, collective amalgamation of information, vested interest in the system by participants, provider of technology as an enabler and not as a syndicator of information, lastly organic syndication of information, and private labeling (as in merchandizing) of data and media.