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Are Revenue Sharing Article/Content Publishing Sites Beneficial?: Legitimate Opportunities for Authors

Are Revenue Sharing Article/Content Publishing Sites Beneficial?: Legitimate Opportunities for Authors

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The two sections in this book, are also found in the more comprehensive resource titled: "Advice and Cautions for Independent Publishing Authors" SECTION ONE: "Legitimate Opportunities for Authors" SECTION TWO: "How To Avoid Negative Online Publishing Experiences: Cautiously Marketing Your Intellectual Property" The revenue-sharing content website industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar a year online business. These are websites (sites) that offer interesting or needed information to readers who visit their online pages but who at the same time, sell advertising units, which appear as ads around each piece of content they display (i.e. articles, audios, photos or videos). This system can be very beneficial to content contributors but much of this depends on what websites one decides to register-with and the level of quality content submissions one has. In some cases, less-reputable or dishonest revenue sharing websites have done disservice to their contributors, by discontinuing revenue-sharing after gleaning massive amounts of content from them, by canceling contributor’s memberships for bogus reasons or by unrightfully penalizing the revenue shares of members. In the chapters of this book, I address these types of issues and offer recommendations for choosing revenue sharing sites that can be beneficial rather than negative experiences for content contributors. TABLE OF CONTENTS (SECTION ONE): CHAPTER ONE My Personal Experience with Revenue Sharing Websites CHAPTER TWO Things to Consider in a Content Revenue Site Contract CHAPTER THREE Getting your own Blog or Website to Generate Revenue CHAPTER FOUR My Plagiarism and Article Re-publishing Observations CHAPTER FIVE Tips on other Types of Publishing and Republishing TABLE OF CONTENTS (SECTION TWO): CHAPTER ONE Avoiding Fly-By-Night Online Businesses: (A Simple Rule of Thumb) CHAPTER TWO The Better Business Bureau: Not Just a Slap on the Wrist: (Bringing Resolution to Bad Online Business Practices) CHAPTER THREE My Heated Exchange with an Online Beatles Radio Station: (Putting the Blue Meanies in Their Proper Place) CHAPTER FOUR Removing my Blog from a Major Revenue Sharing Website Conglomerate: (The Strange Practices of a High-Profile Content Farm) CHAPTER FIVE A Content Site Who Deleted Contributor Articles with No Warning: (One More for My List of Negative Writing Experiences)