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Money and Power: The History of Business

Money and Power: The History of Business

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Where there’s greed and ambition you’ll find . . .

Money & Power

From the pivotal spice trade routes to the streets where merchants sold their wares . . .from the royal court of Spain where a faulty economic plan led to ruin to early American industrial capitals and assembly lines . . . from the fever pitch of Wall Street to the groundbreaking moments in television and motion picture history.

CNBC’s acclaimed documentary Money and Power deftly traces the movement of trade, banking, industry, and commerce from East to West, from ancient times to modern. Now this companion book provides an expansive global view of the moguls and dynasties that have defined business in the last millennium. Featuring a Foreword by the documentary’s award-winning creator, David Grubin, Money and Power offers important lessons that are of timeless value–and inspiration for the next generation of groundbreakers and visionaries of business.

"You may think a twelfth-century monk has nothing in common with Bill Gates. In Money and Power Howard Means shows you how they relate, providing a highly readable and fascinating overview of a dozen of the most charismatic business personalities the world has known."–Janet Gleeson, author of Millionaire: The Philanderer, Gambler, and Duelist Who Invented Modern Finance