Against the Grain: How to Succeed in Business by Peddling Heresy

Against the Grain: How to Succeed in Business by Peddling Heresy

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Praise for Against the Grain

"Joel Stern has done at least as much for the world’s shareholders as any CEO you can name. Now more people will see how, through this inspiring story of intellectual courage."
–Geoff Colvin
Senior Editor at Large, Fortune magazine
Co-Anchor, Wall Street Week with Fortune

"Against the Grain is a wonderful way to make the acquaintance of an interesting financial entrepreneur, and at the same time get a brief, authoritative exposure tothe theory and practice of corporate finance."
–Irving Kristol
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

"Against the Grain celebrates Joel Stern’s life and loves, his beliefs–and his Thirty Years’ War against accounting fictions that abet shady managers and divert honest ones from creating wealth. It’s wise, radical, instructive, and entertaining in the telling, and Stern’s financial principles resonate more strongly than ever in this new century of scandals."
–William S. Rukeyser
Editorial Director, Corporate Board Member magazine

"So how does a kid from the Bronx end up telling businessland how to run a business? Joel Stern’s story is a terrific read."
–Dan Seligman
Contributing Editor, Forbes