Life and Labours of Mr. Brassey  1805-1870

Life and Labours of Mr. Brassey 1805-1870

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A fascinating account of the life of one of the great early Victorian railway contractors. Brassey built railway systems not only throughout the British Isles but all over Europe and into Russia, and as far abroad as India, Australia, Canada and South America. Apart from its interest as the biography of an extraordinary man, the book contains much valuable information on management methods, costs and wages. Originally published in 1872.

Sir Arthur Helps was a close friend of Queen Victoria, who very soon learned to greatly appreciate his powers of mind, his intuition and discernment, his skill in the analysis of character, and his masterful grasp of business exigencies. Helps counsels with a strength, clearness and directness which leaves little doubt or uncertainty in the mind of the reader. This collection of his correspondence, which covers a period from 1829-75, is one chiefly of letters bearing upon current politics and literature. Helps was also a novelist.