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John Wanamaker, Part 1

John Wanamaker, Part 1

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1926. Other volumes in this set include ISBN number(s): 0766161536. Volume 1 of 2. John Wanamaker earned money for seventy-five years. In 1922, the man of eighty-four jumped out of bed eager for the day's work. He did not die of old age. When the last severe cold compelled him to stop going to his office a few weeks before his death, he was mentally alert and physically vigorous, and he was holding in his own hands the many threads of his vast business, religion, and public interests. He did not think that his work was finished. He was not ready to retire. That he was going to die never entered his head. A well-known businessman, Wanamaker started a men's clothing business with his brother-in-law, Nathan Brown, and within ten years it developed into the largest retail clothing store for men in the United States, which was later expanded into a department store. He also served at the Postmaster General during his long and prosperous life. These volumes tell the story of this fascinating man and the life he led.