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DAY BY DAY: The Story of Cecil B. Day and His Simple Formula for Success

DAY BY DAY: The Story of Cecil B. Day and His Simple Formula for Success

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Cecil B. Day, founder of Days Inns, represents the American dream personified. One of his mottos, "Find a need, then fill it," guided him throughout his life and was the counsel he offered aspiring entrepreneurs.

Having experienced the usual ups and downs of one whose mind is set on a business career, it occurred to Cecil Day that affordable lodging accommodations were in short supply in America. To fill the void, he set out to provide motels with clean, comfortable, moderately priced rooms. In 1970 Cecil started his business with one simple motel, and within eight short years more than three hundred Days Inns dotted the American and Canadian landscapes. Today, Days Inns is still the world's fastest growing motel chain. Cecil Day possessed natural business acumen. That, coupled with a fantastic imagination and extraordinary perseverance, were prime ingredients in his march toward success. "Keep on keepin' on!" was his father's sage advice, and Cecil took these words to heart as he indefatigably pursued his dream.

One final ingredient in Cecil B. Day's success story was his unshakable belief in Judeo-Christian values. To Cecil this meant treating everyone--from the most modest employee to the shrewdest banker--with dignity, respect, and fairness.

By the time of Cecil B. Day's death at age forty-four, he had amassed a multimillion dollar fortune, half of which he generously shared with churches and other charitable institutions.