John Jacob Astor : America's First Multimillionaire

John Jacob Astor : America's First Multimillionaire

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On The Deal Maker: How William C. Durant Made General Motors:
"A well-written biography."–New York Times

On Stanwyck: The Life and Times of Barbara Stanwyck:
"Madsen’s admirably researched, insightful portrait of her aloof nature . . . reveals she was always torn between her wish to give of herself and her need to be in control."–Christian Science Monitor

On Chanel: A Woman of Her Own:
"Fascinating . . . . Takes the reader behind the coromandel veneers of Chanel’s life."–New York Times Book Review
"Carefully knits together the complex pattern of Chanel’s complicated existence. It’s not an easy task."–Toronto Globe and Mail

On Gloria and Joe:
"Axel Madsen finallygives the public a fascinating chronicle of the romance that could have ruined more than two careers."–Dallas Morning News

On Cousteau:
"Both critical and understanding. And it is exceptionally readable. Readers are well advised to takethe plunge."–Chicago Tribune

On Malraux:
"Will stand as the best of more than a dozen books about Malraux in print."–Kansas City Star