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Start Your Own Personal Training Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

Start Your Own Personal Training Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

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Personal trainers aren't just for athletes and the rich and famous anymore. More and more regular folks are realizing they need help to get back into shape, and they are willing to pay the price to get that help. As a result, the fitness industry is booming. A skilled personal trainer with sound credentials and strong interpersonal skills can easily earn $75,000 to $100,000 per year. So if you've been thinking about going into business as a personal trainer, now is an ideal time. Whether you want to start a part-time personal training business, a full-time solo operation, or a substantial company with a full stable of trainers and your own exercise studio, this book is for you. You'll learn: Who is using personal trainers and why The most popular services trainers are offering Requirements and start-up costs The finer points of sales and marketing What to expect during day-to-day operations How to track and manage the financial side How to hire trainers to work for you You'll also hear from industry experts as well as personal who have built successful operations and are eager to share what they've learned.