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The Atomic Corporation: Rational Proposals for Uncertain Times

The Atomic Corporation: Rational Proposals for Uncertain Times

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Now in a new paperback edition Atomic picks up where Roger Camrass and Martin Farncombe's previous work, The Atomic Corporation: A Rational Proposal for Uncertain Times left off.

Camrass and Farmcombe launch a radical mainfesto for the future of organisations.  They examine the dramatic changes that are going to sweep across the global economy in the next decade. For the last two centuries the business world has been governed by the underlying notion that 'sum is greater than the parts'. The fact is that the balance of power in the business world is shifting, and theory of the firm is going to be turned on its head. The parts are about to become greater than the sum -and you are one of the parts.

So what does this mean for organisations?  Corporations will atomize into core components based around key relationships with all non-core operations devolved to external networks. Instead of being focused on financial assets, the primary unit of corporate value will be the individual, both as customer and employee.  This radical viewpoint has far-reaching consequences for organisational shape, market dynamics and capital structure as well as for our careers.

In the world of Atomic, the core components or atoms of a business are freed and in the process the corporation is redefined. The atomic world will be one in which quality overrides quantity, in which achievement is held in higher regard than paper pushing, and in which you are valued for what you can deliver and nothing else.