Black Power Inc. : The New Voice of Success

Black Power Inc. : The New Voice of Success

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"Black Power Inc. is a poignant and penetrating examination of the attitudes, aspirations, and lingering ambivalence of the post—Civil Rights generation, which is the best educated and most accomplished in the annals of the African-American community. This generation is thriving as never before in the fiercely competitive American mainstream where race both matters and doesn’t matter. At the same time, it is struggling mightily to reconcile its collective responsibility for the ‘have-nots’ among us with its hell-bent determination to become securely ensconced among society’s ‘haves’."
–Hugh B. Price
Senior Advisor, Piper Rudnick LLP and former President of the National Urban League

"It is a striking reality that our rising Black business and political leaders have been reared after legal segregation and the public protests against it. But Black Power Inc. vividly illustrates that more covert forms of discrimination still exist, and that the post—Civil Rights generation has not shirked its responsibility to continue the struggle. But this time, it’s from within. If you are a twenty- or thirty- something Black professional, you’ll want to give thisbook to your supervisor and say ‘This is how I feel!’ Daniels captures the aspirations, successes, frustrations, and determinations of this new generation in a way that is wonderfully entertaining, yet powerfully serious."
–Mary Pattillo
author of Black Picket Fences: Privilege and Peril Among the Black Middle Class

"Cora Daniels understands something that a lot of others who are still stuck in a time warp do not; she understands that ‘gettin’ money,’ forBlack people born in the post—Civil Rights era, is a political act of the highest order. From the ‘hood to Wall Street and everywhere in between, Black Power Inc. knows that it’s ‘all about money, ain’t a damn thing funny!’ Don’t sleep, read this book!"
–Dr. Todd Boyd
Professor of Critical Studies at University of Southern California and author of Young Black Rich and Famous and The New H.N.I.C.

"Step firmly into the minds and hearts of our twenty-first-century African-American leaders with Cora Daniels. Look into their world. Hear their voices. Allow them to help us raise the bar and strive for greater collective success."
–Paula A. Banks
SVP, Global Diversity/Inclusion & Organizational Partnerships, PepsiCo