I'm Not the BOSS, I Just Work Here

I'm Not the BOSS, I Just Work Here

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Book DescriptionA candid and compelling new memoir by Howard Jonas, chairman and founder of IDT Corporation. This work is a miniature masterpiece, a must-read for anyone interested in cultivating and refining an inner life.

Coming at a time when Scripture is being used as a divisive and destructive tool, this is a Bible-based work with universal appeal. Drawing on his personal experiences, divulging his struggle against depression and detailing the close-knit family bonds that have sustained him his entire life, Jonas, the founder of IDT Corp., one of America’s top telecommunication companies and father of nine, returns time and again to the teachings of the Torah, the Jewish Bible, which are at the core of his belief system.

Regardless of one’s religion, lifestyle or upbringing, I’M NOT THE BOSS, I JUST WORK HERE is that rare book with the power to touch – and transform – the lives of readers around the world.

In many ways, Howard Jonas, a baby boomer and Bronx native, is a man for our times. Coming of age in the confusing era of the Kennedy assassination, Jonas wrestles with conflicting social and economic ideologies, ultimately finding his spiritual and intellectual haven within Judaism. Addressing such timeless issues as how evil can co-exist in a universe created by – and ruled by – God, Jonas speaks not a rabbi, preacher or philosopher, but as a contemporary Everyman.

His personal quest informs and enriches our own.