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Making a Life, Making a LivingA® : Reclaiming Your Purpose and Passion in Business and in Life

Making a Life, Making a LivingA® : Reclaiming Your Purpose and Passion in Business and in Life

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"We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world." -Woodrow Wilson Few of us will regret not having spent more time at the office upon reaching heaven's gate. Yet as we focus on making a good living, we often forget to make a life. Why not transform work into a pursuit that feeds the spirit and the pocketbook, and benefits society, too? Now that would be a life worth living, a legacy to look back upon. MAKING A LIFE, MAKING A LIVING Former professor at Harvard Business School,highly successful Fortune 500 consultant, and part owner of lucrative businesses, Mark Albion had it all-but the "it" he had wasn't what his body and soul needed to thrive. So he did the unthinkable. He gave up what he did so well and started over.

Drawing on intimate interviews with a dozen fast-trackers he met on his search for happiness, Mark shares how these men and women found the courage and motivation to re-create successful professional lives guided by passion.

You'll meet, among others,Judy George, who went from a crushing job termination-to establishing her own home furnishings company based on the same treasured values that guide her family...Ira Jackson, who left his public sector job-and put his social conscience to work rebuildinga bank's reputation...and Tom Reis, who found the climb up the corporate ladder unfulfilling-and now works at a nonprofit organization for a cause that truly matters to him.

MAKING A LIFE, MAKING A LIVING proves that you can change horses in midstream and find work you really love. Inspiring, eye-opening, and sprinkled with insightful quotes from such diverse sources as Mother Teresa, W. C. Fields, Maya Angelou, Marilyn Monroe, Warren Buffett, and Martin Luther King, Jr., this personal In Search of Excellence for the new millennium will help you combine your ambition and passions to create a livelihood that enriches both the world and yourself.