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Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers: A Zentrepreneur's Guide

Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers: A Zentrepreneur's Guide

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"I've never read anything I've written," writes Stuart Avery Gold, co-author with Ron Rubin of the books in the Zentrepreneur Guides series. "Not after it's been published. Not once. Not ever." But when he and Rubin, the Ministers of The Republic of Tea,received a very well-worn copy of one of their books with a beautiful note from one of their readers, "it permanently altered my view," he explains, "forcing me, for the first time, surprisingly and stunningly to read a few of the jottings I've put down,not only with fresh eyes, but more importantly, through the eyes of another."

That reader had lovingly embraced the authors' words, isolating them, and marking them with a yellow highlighter. This inspired Ron and Stuart to look at their work and select 160 of the most inspiring passages and sayings they had written for the new book Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers , a treasury of enlightenment that will open the heart and mind of readers to help them discover more about themselves, their potential, and their destiny. Inspirational Zen ink drawings of nature scenes complement the empowering messages that the authors offer in the proverbs of possibility they call "wowisms."

Among the collection of sage advice and enlightening wisdom, Rubin and Gold write:
• Dream 10,000 dreams knowing that 10,000 dreams is only the beginning.
• You are at all times sublime , each moment standing at the crossroads of what is and what can be.
• Creating a stalwart, undaunted attitude is the single most important ingredient in your recipe for success.
• At first there is no road. It's only when a person begins it that it exists for others.
• Change, like the beauty of a flower, is ordinary activity.
• Become a provocateur of potential. Dream big. Size matters. Dream wild. Boundlessness matters.
• Knowledge enables you to forge ahead and do battle with the unknown.
• Begin to believe you can move a mountain. Believe you canmove others. Know you can move yourself.
• Patience is continued effort
• Success is not man-made. It's mind-made.
• If you make each effort a masterpiece, know that the gods can do no better.
• Wisdom is a weight thatis carried easily.
• When you seek your dream, you seek yourself.
• Your mind, like the future, is only what you make of it.

"It is our fervent hope," Gold writes to the reader in his opening to the book, "that this gathering of Wowisms will ennoble your spirit, initiate your mind, and encourage an awakening that engages and guides you to embrace your fullest essence and unlimited potential." As Publishers Weekly noted in a recent article about the Zentrepreneur Guidesseries, "they're not just books—they're a lifestyle." To which the authors add that the Zentrepreneur Guides are quite simply books that change attitudes. "And sometimes that is all it takes."