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How to Win Fortune and the Transaction of Business

How to Win Fortune and the Transaction of Business

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The lessons of these practical papers, and the sound business principles which they serve to emphasize, appeal equally to any businessperson.

Andrew Carnegie’s achievements are known the world over and what he has to say bears the hallmark of sterling quality. When any man, beginning life a poor boy, succeeds, in the course of manufacturing and merchandising, in building up a fortune of over two hundred and fifty million dollars, it certainly is of interest to other toilers after wealth, to learn something of the principles; something of the secrets of his methods. And it is exceedingly fortunate that this man of great experience, of deep, practical knowledge, has the happy faculty of being able to impart his wisdom to others; and having the faculty, is also possessed of a generous-minded willingness to point the way of success to all who would tread the golden road. How to Win Fortune is a notable and valuable contribution to the literature of business and is at the same time a wonderful mine of facts and principles governing what is to many, if not all, the gist of business.

Sir Arthur Helps was a close friend of Queen Victoria, who very soon learned to greatly appreciate his powers of mind, his intuition and discernment, his skill in the analysis of character, and his masterful grasp of business exigencies. Helps counsels with a strength, clearness and directness which leaves little doubt or uncertainty in the mind of the reader.

Over the past 25 years, Adam Starchild has been theauthor of over two dozen books, and hundreds of magazine articles, primarily on business and finance. Now semi-retired, he was the president of an international consulting group specializing in banking, finance and the development of new businesses, and director of a trust company. Although this formidable testimony to expertise in his field, plus his current preoccupation with other books-in-progress, would not seem to leave time for a well-rounded existence, Starchild has won two Presidential Sports Awards and written several cookbooks, and is currently involved in a number of personal charitable projects.