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As the world of business shifts towards a knowledge economy the growing availability of information delivered in print and electronic media (through libraries, the World Wide Web, CD-ROM, online databases, multimedia packages) will require professionals well-versed in the methodologies of information thinking and knowledge of the practical resources available to them--people who can get the right information to the right person at the right time. "InfoThink" provides a window on the complexities of the rapidly evolving information environment in the workplace, and on the prevailing ways people use and think about information in business. It is the result of research and interviews with executives, information professionals, and educators conducted over athree year period and reflects the changes occurring in methods of information availability and delivery. Interviewees provide personal and professional insights and strategies for retrieving and using information in their specialized professions. "InfoThink" also includes examples of the specific resources and tools used for planning and solving business problems in areas of business intelligence, legislative advocacy, credit and finance, information technology, investments, manufacturing, and public relations. Park examines education, training, and management issues and offers insight into the roles executives and information professionals play in adding value to the corporate or organizational information process.