Gray Matters : The Workplace Survival Guide

Gray Matters : The Workplace Survival Guide

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WARNING: Gray Matters is addictive; get ready to laugh and learn

Forget deserted islands, today’s toughest survival challenge is the workplace. Threatened with layoffs, reorganization, or other dramatic changes, people need a guidebook for navigating the treacherous wilds of work. Full of uncommon insight and practical guidance, Gray Matters offers real business wisdom in an action-packed, endlessly entertaining illustrated format that trades cynicism for solutions.

You’ll meet GrayBlanderson, a frazzled product engineer who devises a road map for survival and overcoming the toughest workplace challenges, including:

  • How to avoid the seven deadly workplace sins
  • How to thrive in a changing environment
  • How to sell (even if you aren’t a salesperson)
  • The six keys to success at work today
  • How to handle rapid innovation
  • How to get on the right side of workplace politics

"Gray Matters shows us business books don’t have to be boring; fun and provocative is better!"
–Bob Nelson, PhD, bestselling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees

"A unique and humorous insight into how to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive workplace."
–Harry Paul, bestselling coauthor of Fish!

"Gray Matters is Heloise meets Dilbert–hints for the workplace with artwork and humor!"
–Heloise, Internationally syndicated columnist, author and broadcaster