The Manager: Understanding and Influencing People

The Manager: Understanding and Influencing People

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There are three factors that determine the profits of an organization, but only one over which management has any direct influence: the behavior of the people in the organization.

From this book, managers will learn to:

- Assess the assets and liabilities of people quickly and accurately.

- Understand the motivations of subordinates, peers, and superiors.

- Appreciate the pervasive role of fear in driving the behavior of others.

- Effectively respond to disruptive, ineffective behavior by others.

- Evaluate the obstacles preventing a person from achieving their full potential.

- Give constructive feedback that results in overcoming these obstacles.

- Build a competent, cooperative, results-oriented team.

Throughout the text are practical exercises for the reader to engage in, which will effect specific behavioral changes in others, thus giving the reader the experience of using the principles in meaningful, real-life situations and, in effect, serving as a "virtual coach" for the reader. This is a practical guide to successful techniques that lead to readily observable, dramatic changes in the behavior of others.