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The Changing Face of Chinese Management (Working in Asia)

The Changing Face of Chinese Management (Working in Asia)

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Chinese management has experienced a dramatic change in recent years. However, established ideas about Chinese management are often oversimplified or outdated. This book provides a much-needed, realistic and up-to-date portrait of Chinese business today and of how it has changed over the last decade. It is a portrait that reveals an intriguing mixture of the old and the new, for while certain features can be traced deep into China's past, others have changed beyond recognition. New forms of enterprise and new ways of conducting business have emerged. Jie Tang and Anthony Ward capture this complexity and present it in an accessible and wholly user-friendly format. Alongside a discussion of the social and economic forces shaping management, Jie Tang and Anthony Ward provide a wide variety of interview material and case studies, much drawn from their own extensive interviews with managers and from observations within Chinese enterprises. The result is a fresh insight into the mind of the Chinese manager. With China representing a huge economy, and recently joining the World Trade Organisation, the country is now a topic of constant interest in the business world. This book will be of enormous practical help to practitioners and students alike.